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8th March 2024

Publication Annual Report 2023

7th May 2024

134th Annual General Meeting

Key Figures 2022



million CHF

Consolidated revenues increased by 3.3% thanks in particular to growth in the book retailing and the acquisition of hep Verlag AG.



million CHF

Various cost increases and special items meant that profitability is down slightly in a year-on-year comparison.


Annual Result

million CHF

The net income is within the range of the previous year. The higher tax obligations were offset by an improved financial result.


Cash Flow

million CHF

The continuous cash flow from the operating business allowed us to finance the investments in machinery, technology and participating interests.


Equity ratio

in %

Orell Füssli’s balance sheet remains solid with its high equity ratio.


Dividend Yield

in %

The Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting on the 10th May 2023 to approve an unchanged dividend of CHF 3.40 per Orell Füssli share.

Vision and Strategy


The Orell Füssli strategy is based on its long-term expertise ins business areas that build on the trends of security and education. Orell Füssli aims to achieve a leading position in analogue and digital Trust Services: as a systems supplier of security solutions and identification systems, as a market leader in book retailing and as a major publisher of Swiss learning media.


Orell Füssli Thalia is the market leader in the field of education within the Swiss book trade. In this role, Orell Füssli Thalia employs an omnichannel strategy, with attractive brick-and-mortar stores at locations with high foot traffic and a strong e-commerce business. With its publishing houses, Orell Füssli concentrates on learning media, legal media and children‘s books that convey knowledge. The Group’s positioning in education will be further consolidated from both an analogue and digital perspective.


Within the strategic field of security, Orell Füssli, as a leading system provider of security technology and identification systems and a long-standing partner to governments, is a technological standard-setter for both analogue and digital applications. Binding digital certificates also represents a new, relevant business.

ESG Report

Orell Füssli takes its corporate responsibility very seriously. This sense of responsibility extends beyond the business activities associated with the company’s core business. Orell Füssli is aware that it hast to make an active contribution to the sustainable development of the economy, society and the environment. Orell Füssli strives to achieve strategic sustainability management in the long term.

The Board of Directors and Executive Board took on this entrepreneurial responsibility by setting a strategic framework and preparing a first ESG report for the financial year 2022 in accordance with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Corporate Governance

Implementing corporate governance in line with applicable criteria is a matter of central importance at Orell Füssli. The Board of Directors regularly devotes time to this topic and is instigating improvements.

Orell Füssli takes its lead from the requirements and principles, and associated remarks, set out in the SIX Exchange Regulation AG guidelines on corporate governance. Details on this matter are given each year in the Annual Report.

Shareholder Letter 2023

The business result for the first half of 2023 presented in this document confirms the Orell Füssli forecast for the year. The increase of 7.6% in turnover compared to the previous year was mainly due to Book Retailing and the integration of hep Verlag.

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Annual General Meeting

The Highest Body

The Annual General Meeting is the highest body of Orell Füssli Ltd. and makes the most important and fundamental decisions about the company.

Annual General Meeting 2023

The 133rd Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday, 10 May 2023. The shareholders approved all proposals of the Board of Directors. This year’s minutes will be published soon.


Key Topics

Désirée Heutschi, Head of Corporate Development of Orell Füssli Ltd provides insights into the company’s ambitions with binding digital certificates.

Members of the hep management (Geraldine Blatter, Stephan Schori und Manuel Schär) classify the significance for the merger of hep with Orell Füssli.

Digital Business Area hep Verlag



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