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10th March 2023

Publication Annual Report 2022

10th May 2023

133rd Annual General Meeting

Key Figures 2021



million CHF

Revenue is slightly lower as a result of fewer new client investments, project postponements and increased competition in security printing. 



million CHF

EBIT increased by 7.3% thanks to efficiency improvements, a favorable product mix, and stringent cost management.


Annual Result

million CHF

Higher taxes, negative currency effects (CHF/EUR) and a resulting lower financial result mean that the annual result was below that of the previous year.


Cash Flow

million CHF

Despite purchases totalling CHF 25.9  million, both cash flow and freely available liquidity rose in the reporting period.


Equity ratio

in %

Orell Füssli has a strong balance sheet. Shareholder's equity including minority interests amounted to a high CHF 138.8 million at the end of the 2021. The equity ratio increased from 68.4% in the previous year to 74.7%. 


Dividend Yield

in %

The Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting on the 11th May 2022 to increase the dividend and to approve a distribution of CHF 3.40 per Orell Füssli share. 

Vision and Strategy


The Orell Füssli strategy is based on its long-term expertise in business areas that build on the trends of security and education. Digitalisation means that new offerings will also be added to these areas. With regard to security, Orell Füssli will renew its focus on expanding Digital Trust Services, while the Group’s positioning in education will be further consolidated from both an analogue and a digital perspective.


Orell Füssli is the market leader in the field of education within the Swiss book trade. In this role, Orell Füssli employs an omnichannel strategy, with attractive bricks-and-mortar stores at locations with high foot traffic on the one hand and a strong online business on the other. In the publication business, Orell Füssli specialises in learning and educational media and in popular children’s book brands. the Group’s positioning in education will be further consolidated from both an analogue and a digital perspective.


Within the strategic field of security, Orell Füssli, as an international specialist, is turnings its focus towards premium security technologies for banknotes and identification documents and systems. In the future, the focus will also be on the increased connection between physical and digital value documents, IDs and certificates, and their protection against misuse and counterfeiting.

Corporate Governance

Implementing corporate governance in line with applicable criteria is a matter of central importance at Orell Füssli. The Board of Directors regularly devotes time to this topic and is instigating improvements.

Orell Füssli takes its lead from the requirements and principles, and associated remarks, set out in the SIX Exchange Regulation AG guidelines on corporate governance. Details on this matter are given each year in the Annual Report.

Shareholder Letter 2022

The interim results for the first half of 2022 are cause for optimism. The figures are in line with the plan for the Orell Füssli Group as a whole.

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Annual General Meeting

The Highest Body

The Annual General Meeting is the highest body of Orell Füssli Ltd. and makes the most important and fundamental decisions about the company.

Annual General Meeting 2022

The 132nd Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday, 11 May 2022. The shareholders approved all proposals of the Board of Directors.


Key Topics

Daniel Gasteiger, CEO Procivis AG, and Gisela Klinkenberg, Head of Globi and children’s book brands, offer insights into the growth market for digital identity solutions and to mark Globi’s 90th birthday.

Daniel Gasteiger Gisela Klinkenberg



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