RSS Feed

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is the name of a fast and easy means of collecting and presenting messages on the Internet in a straightforward and structured way. Our RSS Feed informs you regularly about trends and topics in the field of digital and dialogue-oriented communication and the work we are currently engaged in.

How does RSS work?

In order to use our RSS Feed you need an RSS Reader (a message-display program). An RSS Reader is already integrated in the latest versions of popular Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari). A click on the RSS symbol in the toolbar or on the link displayed is all it takes to log in. You can identify RSS links from the XML suffix. After clicking on the RSS symbol / RSS link, just follow the instructions. You will find the feeds or services under Bookmarks / Favorites. The messages can also be displayed in a separate RSS Reader. In this case the link must be copied into the RSS Reader. In the margin you will find a selection of free RSS Readers for downloading.

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